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A way to keep in touch, to remember and remind how the theatre has been and will always be present in the life of our young and adult audience.

In a moment like the one we are living in, in which because of the emergency related to COVID-19, it’s important to stay at home and keep a physical distance between us, SEGNI has decided to nourish the relationships between the audience, children, families and professionals of the sector with a series of daily creative appointments on the web.

COLORAVIRUS aims at be a meeting point or, like a festival, a place to enlighten the importance of our sector and to maximise the impact of all the qualitative projects that are going to be produced even in this period. If theatres are in lockdown, our creativity is still alive. 

If you are an artist or you run a company, a festival or a theatre, or if you are doing any activity on the web, and you’d like to be part of COLORAVIRUS’ special programme, you can send us your proposal, such as a piece of your artistic work, a reading, a creative tutorial or the link to the event you are programming. This might be included in the next #COLORAVIRUS episodes. Some examples can be found here on

For more info, write an email to:

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