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  1. Required Skills:

●          Background in drama/the performing arts

●          Experience working with children aged between 4-10 years old

  1. Desirable Skills:

●          Have a strong ability to write lesson plans

●          Have a background in a particular art form that they feel comfortable exploring with children

●          Have a strong understanding of drama games and creating work in collaboration with children

●          Experience in running immersive/participatory experiences for children/experience with process drama (desirable though not required – training will be provided)

  1. Job Description:

●          Running ASK’s ‘Creation Lab’ program with a Chinese local facilitator every weekend (with flexibility for possible weekday workshops as required)

●          Running one-off workshops/camp series for 4-6 year old’s or 7-9 year old’s with a Chinese local facilitator in winter and summer

●          Running ‘Hero’ workshops to engage Parents in our ethos and help to attract new subscribers to our theatres and workshops

●          Developing and delivering ‘Production Workshops’: workshops which are tasked with deepening engagement with the productions that tour in ASK Theatres

●          Developing online educational content to support the ASK’s theatre audience development.

To apply, please send your C.V with photograph and a short cover letter to:

About ASK

The A.S.K (The Art Space for Kids) is China’s first dedicated children’s theatre that showcases the highest quality international work for children aged 0-12. Currently, the A.S.K has theatres in multiple cities across China including Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, each with an independent art theatre and art space. Each year, more than ten international top children’s plays are staged in each theatre, setting the benchmark for Chinese children’s drama. Alongside this, the A.S.K also runs a successful educational program, the ‘Creation Academy’ which involves resident and touring international artists engaging with children through weekly programs, one off workshops and intensive summer and winter camps.

When being asked “what would you like to do after the 2019-nCoV epidemic”, a doctor at the very frontline said, after seconds of silence, “I’d like to go to work and enjoy a weekend as usual.” The unusual times make those taken for granted more sensitively felt and cherished. As theatre workers, we are keen to reunite with the kids and their families, giving hugs and kisses without hesitation, sharing the freedom and faith one may enjoy with arts in the theatre, in the nature, and anywhere you like. We need you, in preparation for the exciting reunion in the name of art and celebration of life.

Creativity is the tool that A.S.K. will use to reunite friends, families and the nation. Emerging from a period of isolation, human interaction through creative play is what our families need to move forward.

A.S.K is now looking for an International Drama Facilitator to join the team in Shanghai, China to support the development and the delivery of their education program. This position will involve working on, and in some cases, leading A.S.K’s various programs for young people, helping children and their families experience high-quality theatre as participants, rather than just audiences.

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