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A new project, born thanks to ASSITEJ Italia, for increasing and developing the internationalisation of artists and producers

6 festivals’ partners, 12 international festivals, 2 calls open to young Italian artists and to festival’s delegates to travel in Italy and in the EU.

Segni d’infanzia, together with ASSITEJ Italia and 5 Italian festivals, is starting a new project: Reazione a Catena / Chain reaction, aimed to improve the internationalisation of artists and the skills of producers in the sector of  Theatre for Young Audiences. In January 2020, the first two meetings will take place in Lecce (Italy) in the frame of KIDS festival and in Vilnius (Lithuania)  during KITOKS.

If you want to be involved in the project/take part in the chain reaction, you can:

  • Apply to take part as a delegate in one of the six Italian festivals
  • Host at your Festival  the artistic directors of one the festivals’ partners 
  • Declare your interest in welcoming the chosen Italian artists who will be supported by the project 
  • Host a presentation and an overview of the Italian festivals in the sector

Project’s partnersSEGNI New Generations Festival (Segni d’infanzia), ASSITEJ ItaliaKIDS (Factory Compagnia Transadriatica), Visioni di futuro, Visioni di teatro… (La Baracca), Trallallero (Teatro al Quadrato),  Teatri del Mondo (Lagrù), Teatro fra le Generazioni (Giallo Mare Minimal Teatro) thanks to the support of the Italian Ministry of the Cultural Heritage.

For more information, please write to Cristina