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The company La Rous wins the ASSITEJ Spain National Prize 2019

The theatre company La Rous has been awarded the ASSITEJ Spain National Prize 2019, an honorary prize without financial endowment, which aims to recognise the work and career of a person or entity in benefit of quality performing arts for children and young people.

The winner has been chosen by the members of ASSITEJ Spain, who have decided with their votes that this company, located in Granada, is worthy of the award in its 2019 edition.

La Rous is a theatre company created in 2008 by Rosa Díaz, actress, director and theatre author since 1984. Among other awards, in 2011 the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports awarded it the National Prize for Performing Arts for Children and Youth, in recognition of the artistic quality, coherence and originality of its shows.

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ASSITEJ Spain participates in the International Theatre Book Fair

ASSITEJ Spain participated in the International Theatre Book Fair. Organized by the National Drama Centre and the Association Theatre Authors, this is an outstanding event for the editors of dramaturgy in Spain. From 17 to 20th October, readers had the opportunity to know the publications that ASSITEJ Spain produces and buy the books in our collections of Theatre, Essay and International Dramaturgy.

In addition, ASSITEJ España presented its most recent publications: ‘Escribir para el público joven’ (Writing for young audiences), by Suzanne Lebeau and El estómago de la ballena (The Whale’s Stomach), by Luis Fernando de Julián, winner of the ASSITEJ Spain Award for Theatre for Children and Youth 2018. The autor Luis Fernando de Julián joined the presentation act.

You can purchase the publications published by ASSITEJ España at the following link:

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