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The 2019 ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering will be in Kristiansand from September 2-7, 2019.

The specific theme for 2019 is Towards the Unknown: Confronting the Present

We have extended the deadline for article submissions until February 15, 2019.

The magazine will be published in English and the original language of the author. We will again create a visual magazine that communicates through images and text. Both visuals and text should address the theme: Confronting the Present.

This magazine calls for articles that confront the present, with an eye towards the unknown from numerous artistic perspectives:

  • How would we confront (re)presentations of childhood as artists, directors, actors, pedagogues, dramaturgs, researchers, producers, arts managers, dancers, musicians, scenographers, video artists?
  • How do we see the present audience and how do we wish to see them? Which confrontations or interventions are necessary or implied?
  • How do we confront the rapidly evolving role of new media in TYA?
  • How do we confront normativity and promote inclusivity in TYA?
  • How does TYA confront the present crises affecting children and youth?
  • How do we see the role of research in confronting the present?
  • What are the untold stories of the present and how do we tell them?
  • How is contemporary TYA (re)presented on a global scale?

Articles should 

  • be between 500-700 words maximum and sent in Word and PDF (both), Times 12pt font. 
  • include a title and the name of the author at the top, and a 25 word bio of the author at the end. 
  • be accompanied by high quality photos in separate files from the article, TIFF preferred but JPEG is acceptable, the size of the files should not be less than 5 MB.
    • Photos should be credited with name of photographer, company, and play.
    • All files should be named by last name of author and country. 
    • Submissions should be in English

Deadline for submissions is January 5, 2019. 

We have extended the deadline until February 15, 2019.

Send submissions to

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