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During July to August 2019 (The exact date will be informed later), the 9th China Children’s Theatre Festival will be held in Beijing, China. Please notice the requirement and complete the information in detail when you apply to show your production in the period.


Production\Artistic\Team\Technical Information

  1. Artistic form:Theatre for Children, Musical, Physical Drama, Dance Drama, Puppet Show, Fairy Tale Drama etc.
  2. Running time: 60-90mins
  3. Audience age: 3+

Please specify if the production contains nudity\Violence\Bloody\Profanity or religious hatred

4. Lines: Easy to understand, fewer the better.

Please provide English or Chinese subtitle if necessary.

5. Introduction of Production in detail and the selling point.

         If the production has already been staged, please send up to 5 review quotes, including the publication\writer\date.

         Is there any concern on performing rights of the production be played abroad?

      6. Company Information.

      Are you a member of your national ASSITEJ center?

      7. Team Information

          (1)Director, Writer, Composer, Designer and other significant members of production crew.

          (2)Name and Number of Cast and Technician.

    8. Technical Information

Minimum performance area (meters deep*wide*high), seating capacity (size of audience), sound, lighting and other staging requirements. Please specify if the production feature EXPLOSION,GUN HOTS,OPEN FLAME and SMOKE effect.

Production submission

  1. Production materials will be received until December 31, 2018.
  2. Invitation will be confirmed and be sent by February 28, 2019.
  3. Please provide video materials of the whole production and relevant pics.
  4. Please send the URL’s of the production to

          You may send and share the video materials of the whole production and relevant pics via WeTransfer.

      5. If you don’t have online links to the production, please send 3 copies of a DVD to:

          Department of coorperation and Development,

          China National Theatre for Children,

         No.64 Donganmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China,  100006 . 



All materials are preferred to be written in English or Chinese.



Accommodation, meals, conference transportation in Beijing and per diems will be covered (Based on bilateral contract). International travel and cargo fee will be for the responsibility of the artists\companies.



  1. Please provide the name, company, position, Email address, telephone and cellphone number of the liaison and alternative contact person.
  2. Chinese liaisons:

SUN Ming孙明:

KONG Simeng孔思萌:

SU Guiping苏桂平:

ZHANG Shengjuan 张盛娟:

Telephone:0086-10-65286617   Fax:0086-10-85110261


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