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ArtsPraxis Volume 5, Issue 2 looks to engage members of the global Educational Theatre community in an exploration of the concepts of Performance and Activism, investigating how these notions intersect, inform, and collide. Theatre and performance artists, scholars, and teachers are invited to share ideas, vocabularies, strategies, and techniques, centering on the varying definitions and practices of performance as activism. The submission deadline for Volume 5, Issue 2 is June 15, 2018.

Call for Papers

Submissions should respond to one of the following questions:

·         How is activism defined and/or redefined in 2018?

·         How can performance be used to spark dialogue and engage classrooms and communities in critical exchange?

·         How can performance be used powerfully and effectively to promote social change?

·         How do artists and educators present performance material that is inspirational and aesthetically driven while also having an enduring cultural influence?

Papers should be no longer than 4,000 words, must be accompanied by a 200 word abstract and 100 word biographies for the author(s), and conform to APA style manual.

We encourage article submissions from interdisciplinary artists, educators, and scholars engaged in work associated with the aforementioned topics. Our goals are to motivate a dialogue among a wide variety of practitioners and researchers that will enrich the development of performance and activism in the coming years.

Dr. Jonathan Jones, New York University

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