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Teatro Gioco Vita / The alphabet of shadows/ Shadow
Theatre International Workshop / Piacenza (Italy). 

14 May – 2 June 2018

Following the success of the first six editions (95 participants from 18 countries) Teatro Gioco Vita dedicates this next international workshop, The alphabet of shadows, to correspondences between poetry and contemporary Shadow Theatre. During this 7th edition, along with the indispensible formative section which always features in these workshops, we will be analysing, both theoretically and practically, the ways in which the term “poetry”, taken in its very widest meaning and principally as opposed to “prose”, can be associated to Shadow Theatre. Poetry, therefore, as a verbal composition written in verse which can be used dramaturgically for Shadow Theatre as well as poetry as a visual composition which uses, in non prosaic form, the linguistic and expressive potential of shadows.

The alphabet of shadows workshop is divided into three parts:

First part: From Shadows to Shadow Theatre. Techniques and languages.

Second part: Shadows in poetry and poetry in shadows. Suggestions and correspondences.

Third part: Mise en scène exercises and conclusions.

Registration is open! Write to

Photo of Norbert Gotz, The soul of things, International shadow theatre workshop. 2017, Piacenza.