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The children's drama with the Belgian Embassy "Green bird" is performed regularly at the Youth Theater.

Within the framework of artistic activities celebrating the "European Cultural Days in Vietnam" in May as well as towards the International Children's Day June 1, Youth Theater cooperated with the delegation Wallonie-Bruxelles (French-speaking Belgian community) staged and performed the play "L'Oiseau bleu" by Maurice Maeterlinck, directed by Belgian director Xavier Lukowski staged, performed by artists Theater Youth.

The Belgian director Xavier Lukowski outlaws the actor.

Picture of the play "Blue bird"


Children's Drama "The Crickets of the Adventure" by Youth Theater 1, adapted from the same name of writer To Hoai, tells about the life and exciting advent of Cricket Mien – strong crush, brave overcoming difficult and stumble, always reach a good dream: "All for peace and justice, all beings are brothers, have a friendship. and fun. "


 The crickets and crickets fight together.


Crane teaches a lesson on how to live.


The play "I'm Beautiful I'm Right" plays a stage work with a new and interesting idea. The story begins with the appearance of a beauty machine, people just need to step into the plastic surgery machine for 30 minutes, when step out will become beautiful beauty. And then the residents of the city are very happy after the beautiful shape as dreamed. However, there were three characters left in the city, as their work was delayed, becoming the last three candidates for the beauty job. Ironically when they arrived, the machine was broken, and the story between the beauties and the "three bad guys" started. What will they do in a world of fetish?

​Actor Minh Cuc and Nhat Quang in the play


In the context of cultural exchanges celebrating 25 years of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Korea (1992 - 2017), the Youth Theater cooperated with the Korean Drama Theater Jiegum "Far shore" - Author: Le Thu Hanh; Director: People's Artist Xuan Huyen. The drama will be performed in two different versions in Korean and Vietnamese, serving the audience in Incheon, South Korea (September 2017) and Hanoi (November 1977). Participating in the Korea-Vietnam Cultural Exchange Festival in 2017.

Vietnamese and Korean performances after the show.


People's Artist Le Khanh and Meritorious Artist Duc Khue in the play "The far shore"


Korean version by Korean actor.