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2 World Congresses for 2 Theatrical Associations

In 2016 and 2017, the world congresses of UNIMA and ASSITEJ were held respectively.
Conferences are a crucial occasion to develop future horizons, from the past experience, with
a relapse on international activities, but also on the national centers' paths.
The two appointments offered an extraordinary opportunity to network between members and guests
from around the world under the sign of Puppet Theater and Theater for Youth.

Unima Italia and Assitej Italia met to discuss the outcomes, the program lines and
future goals that emerged in international conventions and have seen the representations of
mutual associations share common projects and proposals, such as the formulation of
a shared promotion field.

The meeting took place during the “Festival Internazionale dei burattini e delle figure ARRIVANO DAL MARE!”

Speakers included:
From UNIMA : Aldo De Martino (President UNIMA Italia), Veronica Olmi(Secretay UNIMA Italia),
Albert Bagno (president of The  Middle East & North Africa Commission), Roberta Colombo
and Violetta Ercolano (International Councilors UNIMA);

From ASSITEJ : Giovanna Palmieri (President Assitej Italia), Linda Eroli (Member, Esecutive
Board, Assitej Italia), Roberto Frabetti (Treasurer, Assitej Italia and Assitej International).
Will be present Karen Smith (President of The Communication & Public Relations Commission

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