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ASSITEJ proposes a collaboration between international associations involved with different art forms related to live performance, which celebrate their World Days between March 20th and March 27th.

We invite you to participate in week long celebrations as part of the very first World Performance Week. The week includes March 20th, ASSITEJ World Day of theatre for children and young people (and the campaign “Take a child to the theatre”), March 21st, UNIMA’s World Puppetry Day, and March 27th, ITI’s World Theatre Day, which is also celebrated by other associations, such as IATC, IDEA and others.

Use the unifying logo as well as the ASSITEJ logo and the Take a Child to the Theatre Today logo, to promote the week.

By uniting the activities of these international associations, while retaining the individual character of each day, we hope to strengthen key messages around cultural entitlement connected to the March campaigns, promoting the transformative power of the performing arts for children and adults world wide, and supporting one another to reach our goals.

We invite you all to use it and include in your publications and communications.

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