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In the words of the festival director Lola Lara, Teatralia aims to bring quality theatre to all audiences regardless of age (there will be performances for babies from 3 months and for adolescents) and coming from different continents. The language of arts crosses borders.

The International Festival for children and young people of the Community of Madrid, has already put tickets on sale for its twenty-first edition. This year, the festival will take place from March 3-26 and will flood the stages of the region with 24 shows and 140 performances.It is an essential event that bets on quality theatre for all audiences and summons the best national and international companies working for a demanding young audience.

The festival, present in 31 municipalities, pays special attention to audience, gender and age diversity, and doesn’t forget spectators with special needs, facilitating the inclusion of people with intellectual disability to enjoy culture, as well as those affected by deafness or visual impairment.
The most current trends in matters of theatre, dance, circus, music, puppetry and shadows compose the sample of performances for this year. The festival offers works for all ages (0 to 18 years old) that is complemented by workshops, performances in hospitals and a big school campaign with 58 performances at schools and institutes throughout the region.

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