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ASSITEJ Switzerland takes the world day of theatre for children and young people as an occasion to put an accent on increasing the cooperation between theaters and schools. This shall draw attention on the opportunities of theatre for a young audience in the school environment.

Therefore on Monday March 20, ASSITEJ Switzerland and “Jungspund“ – theater festival for young audiences, organizes in cooperation with “Theater Lenz“ an event under the heading «Which possibilities does the theatre offer for children and youngsters for the everyday life at school?». Invited are teachers and prospecting teachers of all grade levels. The event starts with a rehearsal attendance of «Der Kleine und das Biest» by Figurentheater St. Gallen, followed by a panel discussion and table talks, with participation of different representatives from the areas of school, education and culture. The dialogue shall arouse mutual interest in the focus and shall pave the way to active participation in theater and culture for young people.

Read promotional leaflet in German HERE.