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With reference to an ASSITEJ International campaign for World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People, promoted and celebrated through the message “TAKE A CHILD TO THE THEATRE TODAY”, ASSITEJ Poland proudly presents: “TAKE THE THEATRE TO A CHILD TODAY”. Kids living in Centre for Foreigners in Warsaw will have a chance to participate in the show “The Ugly Duckling”, performed by students of the Halina and Jan Machulski’s Acting School.

“The Ugly Duckling” is based on a fairy tale by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen. The show underlines the fact that being different should not mean being rejected. It promotes tolerance, acceptance and understanding for other people among young viewers. Andersen’s fairy tale gives a new perspective for issues facing us today.

Vibrant and colorful show with musical parts was prepared by students of the Halina and Jan Machulski’s Acting School. The School implements an experimental programme for teaching not only actors, but also theatre educators, who specialize in working with children and young people by means of applied drama techniques.

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