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Hosted by ASSITEJ Croatia during National Theatre Festival of Croatia in ?akovec

Due to policy of inclusivity and statement and commitment to collaborate and cooperate in the common (international, artistic, and pacifist) interest, ASSITEJ Croatia made a call for Next Generation Placement residency during 19th National Theatre Festival in ?akovec, Croatia. Although each national centre, as part of a wider theatre network, deals with its inner difficulties and problems, ASSITEJ Croatia implemented this international exchange in order not only to offer a unique international experience to young artist coming from abroad, but also to provide a kind of international displacement to local organizers and artists. For Georgina Saggiante, a young theatre producer and pedagogue, visiting ?akovec and Festival opened an opportunity not only to come to Croatia (and, even smaller, to ?akovec) and observe what Croatian theatre scene has to offer, but also to participate in Croatian way theatre-making and festival-organizing from inside. In her report, Georgina writes about a rich production she encountered in ?akovec, and also a workshop Theatre and school – new tendencies in relation. For artists, it was also a unique experience from organizational point of view, but also for the organizers, who had to step out from their comfort zone of one national festival and entered the international space.

The Next Generation Placement program was supported by ASSITEJ Croatia in collaboration with ASSITEJ Mexico and ASSITEJ International.

You can find Georgina’s full report at:

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