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It is a huge pleasure to finally be able to accomplish something that arose a while ago.

Once, six or seven years ago, in a random meeting of the Executive Committee, an idea came up.

Perhaps the experience of the first Taboo Workshop encounters worked as an inspiration…

Perhaps the fantasy of sharing our experiences with other artists worked as an incentive…

Perhaps the idea of being able to share our journey with the new generations worked as a goal…

I am personally very happy to know I am helping others turn their ideas into realities.

Ideas that seemed like far-fetched fantasies the first time I heard about them.

Seeing ourselves as a region.

Thinking about the skills we want to develop.

Bringing people from different countries together.

Working with these people to develop the chosen tools with special coordinators.

And finally, sharing a unique and moving experience.

Building connections with each and every one of the members.

Bonds that make us grow as artists, and as persons.

With ASSITEJ Uruguay’s huge effort to host all the attendants and organize the First Regional Workshop.

With the support of the Ibero American Network with the promotion in each country.

With ASSITEJ International’s collaboration in summoning the group coordinators.

It’s almost time.

December 5-10th in Colonia del Sacramento – Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

The Regional Workshops are an ASSITEJ proposal to be developed in different regions around the world in cooperation with the National Centers with the aim of supporting training in those skills that the region considers necessary by sending international professionals for the coordination of the Workshops.

ASSITEJ Uruguay will host the first Regional Workshop with the participation of Latin American Professionals who will participate in Dance and Playwriting Workshops.

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