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The final part of “In-Box” live competition has taken place in Siena which is dedicated to theatre for adults and the GREEN one, for shows and performances built for young people and kids.

Thanks to a strong selection, just 4 plays, over 121 applicants, could access to the final step of the competition and 3 of them are part of ASSITEJ Italy: Kosmocomico Teatro (with “A piccolo passo”), Bam!bam!Teatro (with “Capitani coraggiosi” ) and finally the winner: Rosso Teatro with the play “IL PAESE SENZA PAROLE”.

Here is the jury motivation: “Thanks to a mixture of different languages between narrative drama and dance/physical theatre dedicated to theatre for young audiences. For the original and unique details, the care in using music and scene lights, which allows the play to gently and sensitively deal with strong contents, such as the loss of someone.

For giving reward to a work with a difficult but dynamic path underneath, that, thanks to this opportunity, could improve and better express all its potential”.

“Il Paese Senza Parole” (“The Wordless Town”), with Alessandro Rossi and Marianna Batelli, directed by Roberto Anglisani, is narrative dance show; a story about the importance of words and traditional tales; an experience that will lead your eyes and ears into a new world of emotions expressed through body and movement.

The story. Cybelle and Phyléas live in a town where people barely speak. In this town, people need to buy words to be able to speak, but not every child can afford to do so. One day, Philéas falls in love with Cybelle, but he has not yet gathered enough savings in his piggy bank to be able to share his feelings with her. However, with time, Philéas is able to find one very special word. He also manages to steal three words from the wind. But one day, the wind comes back stronger than ever before, and…

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