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Theaterwelt  is  a series of staged readings held every two years. A window to the contemporary theatre in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This year, 2016, the event has been included in the schedule of the Mexico-Germany Dual Year.  The plays were selected from the most recent German-speaking theatre productions.

The name symbolizes our pursuit and interest in understanding the Germanic culture. Theatre-world-theatre; and is comprised of staged readings from the authors of greater importance in the theatrical scene of this culture, as well as workshops given by personalities of the German theatre, taking thus the opportunity to learn and confront the idea of Mexican theatre with that of these European countries.

This year is the fifth edition of Theaterwelt, and for the first time in this series, which ends on July 10, there will be two readings of children’s plays: Only one day, by Martin Balscheit, with the company Finisterra Project and Three head,  by Carsten Brandau, with the company Oniria.

The project is organized by the Fine Arts Institute, with the support of the Goethe Institut.

Admission is free and the complete program is available at

Agendarte junio 2016DIGITAL final-2-7

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