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These days, ASSITEJ in Asia is very active.

The Annual Asian Meeting, which was held in India last year, will be held in Sri Lanka in West Asia this year from August 18th to 20th.

Last summer when we, the presidents from China, Korea, and Japan, had an opportunity to meet, we had decided to have an annual festival rotating among us on a regular basis, and the first one will be held in Beijing, China at the China International Festival for Theatre for Children this summer.

Also, China National Theatre for Children in Beijing, a central theatre from ASSITEJ China, has reached the 60th anniversary of the foundation. To commemorate it, their festival in summer will be expanded and our first China-Korea-Japan Festival is going to be held within it, in which there will be an international symposium inviting international guests to discuss the works from Korea, China and Taiwan after watching them. A performance from Japan will be opened one week earlier.

And in Korea, there was also a new move; Jonngno Children’s Theater, a theatre specializing in performances for children has been opened, and Ms. Kim Sookee, President of ASSITEJ Korea, became the Artistic Director. For theatre for children and young audiences whose history is not necessarily long, it is an epoch-making event.

Lastly, in Japan, a new organization has been born, due to the collaboration of 6 organizations in the field of theatre for children and young audiences, called TYA Japan. The purpose of this organization is to collect individual members related to and specialized in theatre for children and young audiences in Japan, and by establishing this organization, we are planning to hold an Asia Festival in 2018 and to host the ASSITEJ World Congress in 2020 in Japan. In Asia where traditional theatre and traditional performing arts still exist, we’d like to create an opportunity to think about the possibilities of theatre for children and young audiences.








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