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“A Bird Story” produced by Play BST made a clean sweep of the awards in the 24th Seoul Children’s Theatre Awards; Best Play/Director/Actress Award and Audiences Award. It’s a collaborative creation by Play BST’s actors which reinterprets Bongjangchui, a branch of Korean traditional music with a witty story about birds in the late period of the Joseon Dynasty. Play BST made the story unique by playing traditional musical instruments and using familiar objects such as a broom, dustpan, duster and so on. The jury of the Awards praised this piece: “using various instruments like a musical, great ensemble acting and interweaving the story and the style of the traditional performance brilliantly”.

This year, ASSITEJ Korea also starts to award the TYA playwright to expand its field and encourage the progress of original plays.

Standing room only “Korean Children’s Theatres in Paris”

Two Korean children’s theatres, “Dalla’es Story”(Art Stage SAN) and “A Tree and a Boy”(THEBEFU) had been presented from January 12 to 23 at Théâtre de la Ville. The French audiences were deeply moved by the performance and admired its delicate and poetic expressions with meaningful messages. The shows were performed 12 times in total and most were sold out.