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Approved by the Ministry of Culture?jointly hosted by China National Theatre for Children, together with Dongcheng District Committee and Government and ASSITEJ China, the 5th China Children’s Theatre Festival will be held from July 10th to August 26th, 2015.

On the theme of “Light Children’s Heart and Shape the Future–Colorful Chinese Dream”, the festival is trying to show various kinds of culture and art from different countries, helping Chinese audience to learn more about the world. It aims to promote the development of world children drama and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation.

The 5th China Children’s Theatre Festival will last for 48 days, gathering about 43 excellent drama works of 27 art groups from more than 7 countries and districts, such as China, America, Romania, Japan, and Finland, etc., with 194 shows and more than 15 drama activities , which will benefit more than 160 thousand audiences.

China Children’s Theatre Festival has successfully held four sessions since 2011. Through excellent international drama performances and communications, children’s drama seminars and various drama activities, China Children’s Theatre Festival has become an important window to display domestic and foreign drama achievements; provide a great platform to promote the developments and communications, as well as a new bridge to gather strength and supports.

“All for children” is the persistent pursuit of China National Theatre for Children, as well as the core ideology of China Children’s Theatre Festival. Let’s meet in the magnificent stage for China Children’s Theatre Festival, with arts, sincerity and responsibility, to lighten children’s heart, fly their dreams and strengthen our international friendship and cooperation.A_china_fest
SAND International Festival of Performing Arts for a Young Audience: Kristiansand  October 6th to 19th

ASSITEJ Norway welcomes you to the 11th international performing arts festival for a young audience in Kristiansand on the 6th – 10th of October 2015.  This time with a new name: SAND International Festival of Performing Arts for a Young Audience

As always, the festival gives you out-of-the-box, crazy, thought provoking, beautiful, heartbr eaking, daring, challenging – and above all else – amazing performing arts. This year’s theme is INTERPLAY, and we present a selection of Norwegian and international performances which, in different ways, explore INTERPLAY with the young audience.

The SAND festival 2015 challenges the traditional way of theatre and presents a variety of different expressions. There will be installations and happenings, performances and celebrations. At the SAND festival you are invited in as a co-creator, a discussion partner, and a playmate.  Or you can just be a spectator.

Follow our website and our Facebook page for updates.

We hope you’ll take the trip to Kristiansand to let yourself be challenged and surprised.


Festival theme 2015: INTERPLAY

The theme of this year’s festival is INTERPLAY. Interplay describes many of the trends in contemporary performing arts where participation and co-creation are leading stars for dramaturgical and esthetic agents in the performance. We are very proud of our festival programme. The many national and international performances open up and reflect the festival theme – whether it is the interplay between the art and the audience, between the elements on stage or interplay in a democratic perspective – where performing arts represent an opportunity to fulfill children and youths’ right to experience art and participate in a rich artistic life.

Our main programme is now released – and even more goodies will be presented, as we get closer towards the festival. Stay tuned!


The festival has a new name! In April we launched a naming contest to ask our audience to come up with a new name for our festival, and we received a lot of great suggestions. The winner of the competition came up with a name that brings a lot of associations with it, is playful, easy to pronounce and gives the festival a stronger local affiliation with Kristiansand. The new name for our festival is SAND International Festival of Performing Arts for a Young Audience.

The winner of the competition is Vigdís Jakobsdóttir from Iceland. We congratulate Vigdís and give our thanks for the brilliant name and wish her welcome to the SAND festival in October.

International meeting point

As always, the festival will be a not-to-miss meeting point for international artists, scholars and organizers. A rich professional programme ensures artistic discussion and dialogue, and several informal platforms for networking and socializing are under construction.

We are very pleased to be able to host the ASSITEJ Executive Committee semi-annual meeting during the festival, something which gives a unique opportunity for exchange and meetings between Norwegian and international forces.

A package for international delegates will be distributed at the end of August.

Stay tuned!


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