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News from IIAN (To be specified with IIAN)
Walking around, I tried to link these 2 issues to the Assitej “motto” of “ONE STEP BEYOND”: Looking for thougths beyond the routines, maybe interesting for next Gathering in Birmingham July 2016:

4 (Generation Porn): Which strategies do we have in TYA to protest or comment our sexualized society? The experience was expressed, that in plays like “trashedy” or “bodybild” there were convoncing moments by authentic performers, who were facing their issue personally, honestly, without taboos, including their doubts, hopes and hopelessness.

2 (Global Issues): I am tired to see in theatre: to look inside myself, talk about me and my family. I am part of a society, a global society, a society destroying themselves. I want to talk about (my) responsibility.

11 (What do we know about children): How can we create more Space and Time in the theater dayly work to find out deeper what moves children? Answer: This is a question of your own priorities.

3 (Me and my body / 5 Can theatre change the world): Some spoke about a conservative rollback in europe (and elsewhere too) of censorship and self-censorship. How can we fight against this movement? The experience was expressed that every artist has to go his artistic way following his conviction + trying hard to transfer, argue, fight for his artistic way. This is not the easy way. A whole economic system has other interests.

10 (Media on stage): The live-event “theater” will never die. But, if we like it or not, Digitalisation will change the life of the young generation, so will change the theater and its reception. We have to analyse that. We have to do more research about that.

9 (Images of childhood): Which indications do we have to define the contemporary image of childhood in our societies? Look at Medias, school organisation, parent behaviour, time frames, state ideologies etc. – Is there an “official image”, is there a “common sense”, is there a hidden “practice”?

10 (Talk to me! How talk to Audience?): We are talking all the time about “participation” and “interactive theater”. But in our society: Are we ready to let children participate? Do we want to hear their voice? participation is a categorie of “democracy”. Do we let children participate in our “democratic system”?

11 (children and adults on stage): There are many questions about the production “Rauw”. One way to look at it could be: It is telling us about a new equal relationship between adults and children (not anymore the issue of “authorities against rightless children”): We should try to create new “dramaturgies” according to contemporary images of childhood.

It is in our hands to finds answers to these questions. Lets get “one step beyond” with it – an meet in Birmingham to share our researches!


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