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Our members come from 79 countries^ all across the globe. From Angola to Austria, Iceland to Italy, Mexico to Mongolia, Nepal to Norway, or the United Kingdom to Uzbekistan – our members are our greatest strength and our number one priority.

^As of July 2023.

National Centres

ASSITEJ National Centres are national networks of performing arts companies, organisations, and people working in the field of theatre and performance for children and young people (TYA) in a particular country. ASSITEJ International currently has 66 National Centres^.

You can find more information about each National Centre here.

ASSITEJ International has also created a National Centre Toolkit to support ASSITEJ National Centres in their establishment, maintenance, and renewal.


ASSITEJ International has two types of Networks:

  • Professional Networks – networks of organisations and individuals working across international borders on a particular shared theme or mission;
  • Regional Networks – networks of ASSITEJ National Centres working within a particular international region or geographical context.

You may read more about the six Professional Networks and five Regional Networks of ASSITEJ International by clicking here.


Affiliate membership of ASSITEJ International embraces theatre and performing arts companies, organisations, or persons who are registered or reside in a country or state without a National Centre. This is with the purpose of bringing them into the Association and working towards the formation of new ASSITEJ National Centres in the future.

ASSITEJ International currently has 13 Affiliate Members^ that you can learn more about by clicking here.

Honorary Presidents

Honorary President is a prestigious title bestowed upon a former President of ASSITEJ International. If you would like to read more about our Honorary Presidents, you may click here.

Honorary Members

An Honorary Member is someone who has served ASSITEJ International in an outstanding manner through participating in and contributing towards international activities and leadership over a long period, fulfilling the mission of the Association. If you would like to read more about our Honorary Members, you may click here.

Membership Policy

Our Membership Policy outlines the categories of membership and affiliation and offers clear definitions of different membership formats. On the same page, you may also access the ‘Membership Policies and Protocols’ and the ‘Application for Membership’ for both ASSITEJ National Centres and Professional Networks. To read more about this, click here.

^As of May 2023.

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