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2017-09-17 > 2017-11-19


Hamburg, Germany


It all started in 1987 when Stephan v. Löwis of Menar, now the director of KinderKinder, organised his first festival for children in Hamburg. In the subsequent year it was decided to commence the work he had started and to give it a more structured framework: in 1988 KinderKinder e.V. was born; a non-profit organisation which made it its mission to promote high quality art for children and by children, with special focus on the presentation of international stage art for kids. It is our opinion that fantasy and creativity are essential to life; and just as children have to strengthen their muscles and learn to walk, their creativity and fantasy has to grow, develop and gain powers too. We believe that the arts are the best training grounds for these skills. KinderKinder‘s mascot »Fidel Mops« – a fat dog with a propeller – symbolises this: the arts lift him up in the sky and help him to view life from a different perspective.

The International Music and Theatre Festival KinderKinder

The KinderKinder-festival is our most important project. It is an annual event which takes place in many different theatres and venues in and around Hamburg and lasts for several weeks (usually from mid-September to mid-November). Since 1991 KinderKinder is funded by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. As part of the festival we invite the most adventurous music, the most inspiring theatre and the most exciting dance for children from all over the world. Each year we are able to present the work of many different companies to the children of Hamburg and stage more than 50 performances, including productions for the very young.








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