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International Children's Festival Šibenik

Festival Dates

20/06/2020 > 04/07/2020


Šibenik, Croatia


The first International Children’s Festival was held in 1958 as the result of the initiative and efforts of several children’s arts enthusiasts, but it quickly turned into a big, complex, internationally important festival and stage mechanism. The basic cultural and pedagogical justification of the festival is that it promotes aesthetical education of children and young adults, and develops all artistic forms of children’s creativity. The Festival not only initiates, but also stimulates many ideas in art forms for children and by children: dramatic and music arts, puppetry, film, literature and visual arts. The Festival has been accomplishing this through three aspects: an annual review of carefully selected Croatian and foreign performing ensembles (works for children), workshops as a form of involving children in creative activities (works by children and education), through organizing symposiums on creativity, art and other topics important for children’s aesthetic education (the scientific aspect). With its tradition and variety of content our Festival is unique in the world. The concept and humanitarian aims of the Festival have the full support of the UNICEF and UNESCO, as well as the permanent sponsorship of the President of Croatia.






Croatian National Theatre in Šibenik





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