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2016-07-08 > 2017-07-23


Santiago, Chile


The Mori Cultural Center created the FAMFEST International Family Theater Festival in 2008 as a space for the exhibition production and discussion around the performing arts, aimed at children and adolescents between 0 and 16 years old, expanding to all types of public. It is an instance of encounter and interchange between countries. National and international and a meeting for families. In 2011 it was decided to internationalize, making it the first international family theater festival in Chile. Until today it is the only professional family theater festival in our country and at the South American level.

FAMFEST consciously assumes that theater is the ideal medium for the healthy fun and education and education of the population of children and youngsters, and therefore plays productions of actors, theater-dance, puppet theater, puppets , Theater of shadows, circus-theater, magic, clowns, black theater, miniature theater, pantomime, gestural theater, oral narration and musical theater. In addition to the above, we believe that theater is an important educational institution in human development, which is why the themes on the scene are also very relevant.
From its beginnings it has had 25 premieres, 101 re-première of national works, 21 international works, 22 workshops and 3 marathons of Account Cuentos with outstanding artists. More than 800 functions throughout its trajectory, summoning more than 175,000 people, including peripheral communes of Santiago that have not been able to participate actively of the world of the culture and the arts.






Teatro Mori


Teatro Mori




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