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Festival Dates

2012-11-17 > 2012-11-25


all over Catalonia, Spain


In their early years children discover the world and, full of curiosity, observe everything. They are able to live the present intensely; their perception is free of prejudices and is not at all conditioned by experiences accumulated over the years. By means of these near, intimate and delicate shows, we wish to foster their artistic discoveries.

The festival “El més petit de tots” started in Sabadell in 2005 promoted by LaSala Miguel Hernández with a clear international scope. During the last seven editions the festival has been a showcase, presenting quality and near shows, thus becoming a reference for this artistic area –so scarcely developed in our country. It has been an enterprise that has grown: in 2010, the Teatre de l’Aurora in Igualada joined it, and this year, the festival will take place all over Catalonia.





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