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El Més Petit de Tots

Festival Dates

09-11-20192019 > 2019-11-24


Sabadell, Barcelona and other 9 cities, Spain


El Més Petit de Tots is back and strongest than ever with a programme that gathers the highest quality artistic creations that are currently being offered at an international level for children from 0 to 5 and their families. In this new edition we want to set up a new challenge. We invite you to go past the known borders and encourage you to continue this adventure that began 14 years ago. Pioneering artists in the performing arts for the youngest will present their latest and most challenging creations, we will experiment with the senses, space, time and stage limits with shows that are becoming more and more unique and meet this delicate audience’s needs. The festival keeps growing and adds new spaces for local activities which will take place in libraries, creation factories, exhibition halls or even on the streets of the 11 cities which participate in it. Family workshops, conferences, training for educators, parents, teachers and young artists. The festival wants to be accessible and cross-cutting, not only in the territory but in every aspect of our society, because we are certain that art feeds us and makes us bigger. We invite you learn more about the benefits that art can offer our children.






Eulàlia Ribera / Isabel Urpí





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