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From April 2023 Ukrainian ASSITEJ National Center continues its work as an organization. We overcome obstacles and we are grateful for the possibilities which help us to work together. In April 2023 representatives of Ukraine were participants of the festivals in Denmark, Poland and Lithuania.

The “JĖGA/COOL!” festival in Lithuanian city Alytus provided an opportunity to see a bright palette of performances by ASSITEJ Lithuania / Lietuvos community Asitežas and experience genres, themes and tools of the modern theater for children. We opened the festival program with the performance “Sand and Water”. Actors of the “First Performance” theater group communicated with the youngest spectators of the festival in the language of dance.

A workshop “Theatre Saves” helped to share the experience of creating performances during the war that help to restore the emotional state of children who are forced to stay under air alert in bomb shelters. We continue to explore important questions of the theater that saves childhood in partnership with colleagues from the other countries, because artists are capable of resisting cataclysms and catastrophes that fill the present times. We are grateful for the support and partnership of the community of ASSITEJ International. We are interested in the theatre experience from other countries which allows children to get rid of the effects of stress through participation in action and play. We will be happy to communicate via email

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