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International TYA Platform with the 2023 ASSITEJ Korea Winter Festival

The 19th Seoul ASSITEJ Winter Festival is upcoming!

ASSITEJ Korea is seeking delegates – TYA practitioners, administrators, and researchers from all countries – to K-PAP 2023 which runs alongside our Winter Festival in Seoul, Korea.

K-PAP, the Korean Performing Arts Platform for children and youth, is an international platform including performances, conferences, and networking for Domestic and foreign TYA professionals. Delegates get opportunities to watch five outstanding Korean TYA performances selected for our winter festival and meet Korean TYA professionals to build a network during their stay in Seoul.

The theme of this festival is ‘Coexistence,’ and the climate crisis and barrier-free will be dealt with as major issues at the 2023 K-PAP. We look forward to applications from TYA officials from all over the world who are interested in this topic!

ASSITEJ Korea will offer to the guests:

– Free registration

– Tickets to all performances

– Invitation to networking events/parties

– Four nights of accommodation (breakfast included)

– Two meals a day: lunch and dinner

K-PAP 2023

Date: 4 January 2023 – 7 January 2023

* Arrival & Registration: January 4(Wed) / Departure: January 8(Sun) Venue: Daehangno district, Seoul

** How to apply **

You are kindly requested to respond to the invitation by filling in the form in the following application by 18 November 2022 APPLY HERE

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact:

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