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ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2022 at Bibu Biennial 17 – 22 May is seeking proposals for workshops, seminars, talks presentations, round tables and similar to be part of the Professional Exchange Programme.


NOTE: This open call is not for performances.

⏰ Deadline: 25 November 2021
🌏 Helsingborg, Sweden
🗓 17 – 22 May 2022

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The theme of the Artistic Gathering 2022 is based on United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development which is the most ambitious agenda approved by all countries in the world.

With the sustainable development goals cultural actors and cultural policies have a crucial role to play for countries and communities to reach the targets of the global goals in a long-term perspective.

We seek proposals that explore how we in the performing arts field and in our artistic practices can stimulate social, economic and environmental sustainability.

– How can these 17 goals be related to the performing arts field for children & young people and how are they relevant to us?

– How can a focus on sustainability change our processes, co-operations and performances in a global future?

– How can we develop our existing work and in cooperation across borders expand our field?

The proposals are also welcome to relate to the performance programme that will consist of performances by indigenous artists.

The contributions can either address the 17 goals directly OR reflect them indirectly.

Link to the Sustainable Development Goals.

In Sweden & online

The Professional Exchange Programme will mainly take place on the ground in Helsingborg, Sweden, but the proposed activities can also take place online on the website of the festival or in a blended format.

Who can apply?

Proposals are open to performing arts practitioners, administrators and researchers from all countries; performers of all genres and techniques, theatre directors, musicians, theatre designers, playwrights, performing arts academics, arts educators and teachers, theatre critics, arts journalists etc.

How to apply

Fill out the application form before 25 November 2021:


  • 25 November 2021 – Deadline for applications for the program
  • 10 December 2021 – Announcement of successful applicants

Preview of application form

You can see a preview of the application form here. The form is in English.


ASSITEJ recognises the impact the COVID 19 pandemic has had on freelance arts practitioners especially during this time, and especially in countries where government support has not upheld the cultural sector. Although ASSITEJ is an association that relies strongly on generosity and volunteerism, we would like to offer a modest fee to those identifying as independent (unfunded) or freelance. This can be confirmed once selection has been made.


Bibu is the most important meeting place in Sweden for professional performing arts for a young audience – an arena where all of us who work with children, young people and performing arts and culture, get together to experience and discuss performing arts for children and youth. Next Bibu Festival takes place 17th to 22nd of May 2022 in Helsingborg and is hosting ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2022.

ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering

An ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering is a space in which all the members of ASSITEJ have the opportunity to meet to discuss the artistic life of the organization and their own artistic life within the field of theatre for young audiences through forums, workshops, seminars, performance programmes and other related events.

The gatherings take place every year in which there is not an ASSITEJ World Congress (which occurs every three years within the life of the organization) and is the most important global event in the field of theatre and the performing arts for young audiences in the year.

The gathering is hosted by a new country and festival every year and will take place in Sweden (2022), Serbia (2023) and France (2025). In 2024 the ASSITEJ members will meet at the 21st World Congress & Performing arts Festival in Cuba.