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27th Festival of Ecological Theatre for Children and Youth, held in Bačka Palanka (Serbia) from 19 to 20 of August

Held this year in live format, FEP offered great joy to artists, performers, workshop leaders and in audience of all ages, children, babies and youngsters mixed with adults.

The members of the Jury had the pleasure of seeing 6 very good artistic pieces in the competition program of the festival. They stated as extremely important the fact that the entire festival is designed to consistently, dedicatedly and harmoniously implement its mission and its ecological approach in all program units. All this together creates a unique and authentic entity that strongly articulates the basic mission of the festival, which is based on a combination of art and ecology.

During the festival there were 9 theatre performances, as well as 11 ecological workshops held. Festival welcomed performances from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Russia.

4 days of the festival in little place Bačka Palanka left the impression of an environment which unites the collective spirit of creators, organizers, participants, volunteers as well as audience, pedagogues, children and parents in the service of art and a joint mission of raising environmental awareness.

The “Dobro drvo” award for the best performance of the festival was awarded to the performance “Forest songs” by Kuskus Institute from Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Entrance to all festival programs was payed in recyclable materials – from plastic bottles and caps to glass and cans. The money earned from recycling was given to charity afterwards.

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