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The sixth edition of ASSITEJ In-Forma, a national event organised for and by the members of ASSITEJ Italy, is in the sign of a restart: a precious opportunity to confront the renewed imaginary and post-lockdown effects on children, children, families, school, theater and sow the new. Dedicated, as always, to the members of ASSITEJ Italy, the event opens to the territory three important moments of plenary discussion between voices and visions of theater professionals, pedagogy, psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, pediatrics.
Curated by ASSITEJ Italia, the event is organized in collaboration with Rossoteatro.

Click HERE to download the programme.

Communicating vessels

Containers communicating with each other, searching for a potential balance, leaving knowledge and artistic and cultural experiences free to flow, to “be made liquid” to try to fill or to be filled up to find common levels.

In October 2021 the festivals Segni New Generations and Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro will merge their programmes and intertwine their projects to highlight the importance of the osmosis process of skills and knowledge.

A reactive way of encouraging a fruitful exchange of artistic, cultural and management content in these times of even more difficult restarting. By creating a new game based on a desire for cooperation to deepen and improve what we do.

A temporary process, which may or may not be repeated, but which even in its extemporality and concreteness wants to tell the story of the importance of letting our knowledge flow, of making it free and accessible.

The joint project Vasi Comunicanti, by choosing to occupy the same space in time, offers several opportunities, such as:

  • to continue developing the contents and features of the common web platform, created thanks to TAD, the joint project funded by EduCare (call for proposals issued by the Department for Family Policies), which enabled the creation of Segninonda ( and VisioniFestival (;
  • to create a two-way flow for Italian and international professionals who, even though in limited numbers, would like to enjoy the offers of both programmes;
  • to support and promote the circulation of international companies at several festivals – as will happen in October for Cie Port-Voix (France) and de Stilte (Netherlands);
  • to launch joint projects, in presence and online, to seek new suggestions, such as the one dedicated to “Transgenerational flows, from early childhood to adolescence”;
  • to connect the face-to-face working groups that will work in parallel on early childhood and adolescence;
  • to open up part of the training activities carried out in person at the other festival to one’s own audience of teachers and practitioners, thanks to the online platform;
  • to support jointly the activities of ‘Chain Reaction’ project which involves 6 festivals in Italy and more beyond.

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