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🌎🌍🌏 Live + Online
🗓 11 – 22 October 2021

IPAY CultureCrew Festival is a virtual global gathering around youth-selected performing arts featuring 14 productions for young audiences from around the world and a series of developmental learning opportunities. The two week-long virtual event fulfills IPAY’s mission to connect the international PYA community through mutual learning, global gathering and marketplace opportunities. It also forwards our commitment to becoming a more youth-centered organization.

How can our sector change its “buying for and selling to” relationship with young people to one that is rooted in investment and collaboration?

With Kindling at CultureCrew Festival, we will expose our global community to inspiring and replicable examples of youth-initiated and youth-led processes in the performing arts business.  We’ll highlight how our colleagues are moving beyond tokenism and consultation by collaborating with young people to build models of shared ownership and decision-making.

  • Kindling sessions will focus on artists and organizations who are centering youth decision-making in the creation, selection and presentation of performance for young audiences.
  • Guest speakers, participatory workshops, and kitchen table-style open dialogues will provide opportunities for mutual learning and growth within our community.
  • Teens involved in IPAY’s CultureCrew selection process will share their experience choosing productions for the festival.
  • Delegates will hear from international festival artists about their work available for touring, both live and virtual.

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