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Seminar: Maria Clara Machado – 100 years

The Seminar: Maria Clara Machado – 100 years took place between April 21 and May 19, 2021. It celebrated the centenary of the most important Brazilian author dedicated to Theater for Young Audiences. The online event was promoted by the Department of Theater Teaching at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) in partnership with the Culture Coordination of PROEXC / UNIRIO and coordinated by Prof. Dr. Miguel Vellinho, TYA specialist and member of the Board of CBTIJ/ASSITEJ Brasil. For five weeks, the round tables brought together artists, teachers and researchers who somehow had Maria Clara Machado as a reference in their professional trajectories. Including the multiple facets of the author, the first round table, focusing on her authorial production, brought Prof. PhD. Inês Cardoso (UNIRIO) and Cacá Mourthé, director and current coordinator of O Tablado Theatre. The second round table brought the actress and director Sura Berditchevsky and the actress Guida Vianna, to reveal the procedures of the teacher Maria Clara. The event followed with another round table that focused on the aspects of the director, and for that the actress Louise Cardoso and Prof. PhD. Ricardo Kosovski (UNIRIO) were invited to reveal aspects of Maria Clara’s artistic choices on the stage. The fourth round table dealt with the visuality in Maria Clara’s work with the presence of Prof. PhD. Lídia Kosovski (UNIRIO) and teacher and light designer Jorge de Carvalho. The seminar ended on May 19 with Professors PhD. Marina Vianna (UNIRIO) and Flora Süssekind who presented a synthesis of the author’s work at a round table entitled Joining the threads: Clara’s multiple trajectory.

CBTIJ/ASSITEJ Brasil was a partner of the Seminar.

Maria Clara Machado (1921-2001) wrote more than 30 pieces dedicated to children, many of them translated into different languages. She founded O Tablado Theatrein the 1950s, one of the most important theatre schools in Brazil, and which is presently active.

The round tables remain available online on the YouTube channel of Cultura ProExC / UNIRIO:

Brazilian IIAN Champion

PhD researcher, actress, clown and disability activist Cristiane Muñoz was recently appointed as the Brazilian representative at the International Inclusive Arts Network Champions project. An autistic person herself, level one of support, Cristiane is presently pursuing her Doctoral degree at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Unirio), with the research project “Play and acting in clowning with autistic children and adolescents – a training proposal in the context of Art in Mental Health”.

CBTIJ/ASSITEJ Brasil new Advisory Board

On April 17, the regional representatives of CBTIJ/ASSITEJ Brasil were appointed members of the brand new Advisory Board. This new Board is meant to support the actions and projects of our members, as well as to make itself the proposition of new projects to the Board of Directors, aimed towards the advance of the TYA sector in Brazil.

The Advisory Board if composed by: Aglaia Pusch (São Paulo), Airton de Oliveira (Porto Alegre), Altair de Sousa Júnior (Goiânia), Blas Torres (Curitiba), Brenda Campos (Belo Horizonte), Cirila Targhetta (Brasília), Elis Ferreira (São João del Rei), Marconi Arap (Salvador) and Ricardo Augusto (Uberlândia).

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