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For the World Day of Theater for young audiences on 20 March 2021, the members of ASSITEJ Switzerland/Suisse/Svizzera/Svizra “took over” social media channels as widely as possible to draw attention to this important World Day with individual demands from the manifesto and to bring it into the conversation. We specifically tried to get individuals, theatre groups, dance and theatre institutions, performance houses for whom young audiences are not so much in focus in everyday life, to populate Instagram and website channels with statements and news about dance and theatre for young audiences for one day.

In addition, 20 March was the start of a longer-term research project: we are giving children and young people the opportunity to express themselves.
We give children and young people the opportunity to make their voices heard and their concerns and needs perceived. We ask them: What have you been missing in your life, in your everyday life under pandemic conditions since one year? We collect all this feedback. Whether written, visual or auditory.  Artists of all genres are invited to look for artistic expressions or to be inspired to create their very own artistic projects.
Further information: Petra Fischer,, Gabi Mojzes,

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