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A creative video message travels around the globe

16 Kids in 14 Videos of 13 Countries

Austria, Cuba, Estonia, Germany, Haiti, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Zambia

All over the world children suffer from the effects of the corona pandemic. Hobbies, meeting friends or family, travel, individual freedom – things that used to be normal are now problematic. But with creativity and technological support we can overcome the feeling of isolation and reach out to others no matter how far away they are. For this project children aged 9-14 produced a short, one to two minute videos that show (without words) their creative approach to life in corona times. Each video will be a direct response to the previous one. A kid received a video from a kid in another country and then used it as an inspiration to film his or her answer, which is sent on to yet another country, and so on.

In the end the chain of messages was presented on 20 March 2021, the ASSITEJ World Day of Theatre for Young Audiences. Fittingly, this day is also the UN International Day of Happiness. The Premiere will be in all countries who are part of the project and the video has also premiered at the ASSITEJ International World Congress in Tokyo!

Florian Eschelbach B.A.

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