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While participation in the 20th ASSITEJ World Congress & MIRAI Festival is certainly cheaper through the online participation than it would have been had averyone travelled to Japan to participate, ASSITEJ is aware that for some people it will be difficult to pay the fee for full access to the Congress.

For this reason ASSITEJ has reduced the price for participants from a long list of lower-income countries and made it possible for members to buy group ticket reductions. You can find out more about this on the website.

Support others to attend

However, if you are able to support other people, we ask that you buy additional tickets and send them to the following email address: These will be distributed to those who apply for support to attend.

Apply for support

You can apply to receive a sponsored ticket by filling in your details at:

You can apply for sponsorship for only one full package ticket. You may only apply once. Tickets will be provided on a first come first served basis and will be subject to the availability of the funded tickets having been donated. 

Who will manage this?

The ASSITEJ Executive Committee with support from ASSITEJ SA.

How do we know that these tickets will go to the right people?

ASSITEJ SA will provide a complete database of the names of the people who have received sponsored tickets, their countries, and their form of membership (national centre, network or individual member) after the fact. Should people benefit who have not joined as members of ASSITEJ, we will send the relevant party their details so that you can invite them to become members in the future. We cannot guarantee that some non-members may not indeed benefit, but the form will ensure that every sponsored ticket is traceable.

What if I want my ticket to go to a special group of people?

Email the ticket with the group indicated – i.e. Ibero-American, African, South East Asian, IIAN members etc.

We will endeavour to use your tickets for that purpose.

We look forward to your participation in the 20th World Congress of ASSITEJ!

Photo by Hugo Ruiz on Unsplash

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