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Cyprus is now a step closer to establishing the Cyprus Centre of Theatre for Children and Young Adults. On the 28th of September, people from various fields, such as politics, science and the arts were present at an event dedicated theatre for children and young adults.

During the event, the intention to create and establish an ASSITEJ national centre was announced. The audience’ s response was in itself the proof that we have all been expecting for so long. Everyone’s mutual aim is to create a better future with more opportunities and dedicated to the children’s right to participate. Theatre can play a determinant role in educating the aesthetics and cultivating Ethos in children. We owe it to the next generation to create a world that will ensure the right to participate in the artistic and cultural life and the right to protection. Our coming together during a difficult time like this, during a pandemic, is deemed necessary. The world around us and the given circumstances are changing, and we need to ensure that children will have access to all actions and will smoothly be integrated into public life. We are impatiently awaiting for Cyprus to become part of the big family of ASSITEJ International.

Eleni Anastasiou


On behalf of the event’s speakers