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ūüĆć Mantua, ITA
ūüóď 31 Oct – 8 Nov 2020
‚Źį Deadline: 1 September 2020

Not only a festival but a real journey: the grand tour in italy
Thanks to the Zoom exchanges within the Chain Reaction meetings, a crazy idea came across our mind: planning a journey dedicated to international professionals to enlighten the variety of the Italian territories and their productions.

Why? Because we believe it is more sustainable for the planet, the economy and the networking opportunities.
Are we crazy? No, SEGNI’s crew strongly believes in sharing and cooperation.
A GRAND TOUR in Italy aimed at give you the chance to discover new theatres, festivals, artists limiting the environmental impact and allowing new relationships.
10 good reasons why you should come to the XV edition of SEGNI New
Generations Festival
in Mantua:

1. To participate to the GRAND TOUR in Italy
2. To build bridges towards the future across the COVID-19 crisis
3. To reinforce the cooperation against nationalisms empowering international relations
4. To break the Zoom screen sharing a wine cup hugging each other even with masks!
5. To Go back to reality meetings and debates with the Chain Reaction network
6. To discover a selection of TYA productions
7. Debates and talks on new productions focussed on challenging topics
8. To challenge the relationship between digital and live in performing arts and experiment new frontiers
9. To celebrate our journey together with the TEEN Ambassadors across Europe engagement experience
10. To take part in the 2nd round of the Dialogues on youth theatre aesthetics in relation to international context

Artists from Italy, Belgium, France, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands: De Dansers, Factory Compagnia, Faber Teater, Fondazione TRG, Batida, Fondazione Gaber, Hanafubuki, La luna nel letto, Drammatico vegetale, Teatro all’improvviso, Simone and the Jong, Simona Gambaro / meraki.teatro/ teatro della tosse, Historie de Diffusion, KompaniTO, Jade Derudder, Balle Rouge, Cie Les Bas-bleus / S√©verine Coulon and others to beconfirmed…
Delegates: national and international delegates from all over the world
Project partners: the Chain reaction network, TEEN Ambassadors across Europe, guests and experts of Dialogues on youth theatre aesthetics in relation to international context

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For more info, visit the website or contact the festival organiser via e-mail!

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