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How lucky I was to meet Dino Corradini.

For a few seasons, we played in the same costume a monster with 2 heads, 4 legs and 3 arms.  We’d better get along.

The one and only escapade out of my company life to join Les Ateliers de la Colline, the creation of the show “The Last of the Monsters” directed by Margarete Jennes. was a beautiful adventure engraved in everyone’s memory.

We had fun. The time we worked together was filled with anecdotes, funny situations, laughs, endless discussions, good food, wine, glasses of beer and darts at the back of the bars.

Dino left us last May.

In addition to being an ideal playing partner and a joyful touring companion, he had been one of the pillars of the Ateliers de la Colline de Seraing for 40 years.

Director, actor, author, treasurer, builder, driver, scenographer, designer…and cheerful itchy hair.

A passionate, committed man, underneath his big leather jacket, he was also a sensitive, caring man with an enlightened mind.

The world of theatre for young audiences in Belgium is losing one of its most important personalities.

We’ll miss the man and the artist.

Isabelle Verlaine
Compagnie de la Casquette