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⏰ Deadline: 25 February 2020
🌍 Eskişehir, TUR
🗓 1 -7 June 2020

Open Call for International Productions for the 15th International Eskişehir Children and Youth Theatres Festival

The International Eskişehir Children and Youth Theatres Festival which is being held by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters every year regularly, has began as a meeting conducted by Children and Youth Theatres Unit in 2006.

Growing each year and gaining an international identity through out time, the festival turned into a popular one, well-known and well- accepted, both in Turkey and around the world.

The festival, hosting many theatre groups from different countries around the world, brings together the most distinguished examples of plays and performances of children and youth theatres field, both nationally and internationally.

They invite you to join them in the International Eskişehir Children and Youth Theaters Festival to hear the call of humanity which is getting lonelier in a world corrupted by technology, economical and political relations and to realise an effective cultural interaction via art.

For detailed information please contact

How to apply

Fill out the application form before February 25th 2020 and send it to

Application form

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