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⏰ Deadline: 15 November 2019
🌏 Tokyo, JPN
đź—“ 14 – 24 May 2020

The 20th ASSITEJ WORLD CONGRESS and International Theatre Performing Arts Festival for Children and Young People MIRAI Festival, is calling for proposals for fringe productions.

There are three fringe categories, only category A is open to international productions.

The festival will:

  • cover the venue (conditions will be discussed)
  • provide 1 technical staff to the production
  • take care of marketing and advertisement for the production (within its budget)
  •  pay to Artist 70% of tickets sales 
  • ※Ticket price is 1000 yen / per ticket for adult and child in any ticket values.
  • ※Tax amount of 20.42% will be deducted upon payment.
All other costs (travel, visas, accommodation, per diems, production fees) must be covered by the production company.

For more detailed criteria, they are looking for productions that:

– don’t use spoken words as a main communication tool
– encourage children to have their self-esteem and to have joy in their lives
– foster a sense of simulation of life, imagination, and creativity of children
– share common interests of today that can be recognised in Japan, Asia and worldwide.
– demonstrate common issues in the world now
– have distinguished quality as performing arts representing various cultures in unique styles

Proposals are open to productions from all countries. Applicants are encouraged to apply for any grants that may be available on their side should their proposal be accepted.

How to apply

Fill out the application form before November 15th 2019:

Application form

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