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ASSITEJ Serbia hosted the very first Next Generation Programme from the 8th-14th Oct in Novi Sad, Serbia. The programme brought together artists aged between 22-35 from Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Montenegro for a week long residency which took place at the Milan Petrović school and residential accommodation.

The workshop programme was created and managed by Diana Krzanic Tepavac and led by Jovana Rakić, a contemporary dance artist from Novi Sad, Vigdis Jakobsdottir, Artistic Director and CEO of Reykjavik Arts Festival and Nina Hajiyianni a UK theatre director who specialises in young people’s theatre and a representative of the Next Generation Network.

14 Participants from across disciplines worked in a laboratory environment at the school and presented work which dealt with topics such as puppetry and conceptual art for teenage audiences, the impact of education on children and the role of new technologies in TYA

The following participants had this to say about their experience of the programme;

“When your education system is falling apart, this type of programme is a big priority”
Anja Pletikosa (Croatia)

“I have learnt that the most important thing is to explore the most challenging ideas for theatre for young audiences, and to do it now”
Nikola Isakovic (Serbia)

“It’s been so important to see new perspectives and to make connections across borders, literally from country to country and as a metaphor”
Ajda Tomazin (Slovenia)

“This week has been about creative powerhouses coming together, creating so many wonders and fun!
Zvezdomira Georgieva (Bulgaria)

“I did not believe such as environment could exist. I will not be afraid to believe anymore”
Milja Mazarak (Serbia)

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