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The message from Mo Willems

World day of theater for young audiences?  Really ?

Why would you, of all people, take a kid to see “children’s theater”?

Don’t you have better things to do than watch a bunch of adults, who are usually so serious and dull, being silly or loud or sad or ridiculous just to amaze a kid you love?  I mean, who wants to be transported into a world of imagination and story? Who wants to experience characters and emotions that are both otherworldly and completely relatable?  Do you really need the magic, the transformative magic of a live performance, in your life?  Is seeing that magic through a child’s eyes right for you?  Let’s get real here: do you like creating memories that will be the springboard for future play in a young person you love?


That sounds amazing.

When you’re snuggled in your seats and the curtain rises, know that you’ll see more than just a show; you will experience a new, special connection with a child who is special to you.

Oh, and that kid will probably have fun, too.'

Mo Willems

Author, illustrator, playwright, former child.

Ps: world day of theater for young audiences is March 20, 2018.  But, the transformative magic of theater has been extended indefinitely.

The graphical message from Mo Willems

For WDT 2018, Mo Willems sent a special message from his famous Pigeon character download it HERE

Mo Willems

Mo Willems, from the USA, works in children’s books, TV, theater, and bubble gum card painting. He has garnered 3 Caldecott honors, 2 Geisel medals, 5 Geisel honors, 3 Carnegie medals, 6 Emmys, and multiple bubble gum cards. His most recent play, Naked mole rat gets dressed: the rock experience, premiered at the Seattle Children’s Theater in March 2018

Mo Willems is the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, the Elephant and Piggie series, and Knuffle Bunny to name a few.

Visit Mo Willems’s blog HERE

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