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« Towards the unknown » is the theme into which ASSITEJ will engage as the common axis for the global gatherings it will organize in the three next years, in Beijing (China), Kristiansand (Norway), and Tokyo (Japan).  Each ASSITEJ gathering includes Artistic encounters : several days of sharing, reflection, and invention, which gather hundreds of international professionals from all fields related to performing arts, childhood, and research. At the occasion of the three next encounters, the participants, amongst which we hope to count you, will be invited to imagine, confront their dreams with different and diverse realities, and take their three first steps toward the unknown : 

« Imagining the future », in Beijing (18 – 24 August, 2018) 
   « Confronting the present », in Kristiansand (2 – 7 September, 2019) 
      « Beginning the journey », in Tokyo (14 – 24 May 2020, 20th congress of ASSITEJ) 

As a pioneer, you have the ability to create and affect the future. Considering acting and directing, text and contexts, new and old media, inclusivity, theatre for the very young, child participation, etc, in a rapidly changing world, in – let's say – 30 years, what will theatre for young audiences look like? 
We invite YOU, actors and directors, writers and dramaturgs, theatre pedagogues, producers, researchers and scenographers, musicians, dancers and video artists, to invent, examine and walk around the world with your ideas, inspirations, and experiences, TOWARDS THE UNKNOWN. 


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