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In a time when we face an increase in populism, xenophobia and fear of otherness, we must stand in defence of freedom and democratic values in all social spheres, and especially in that of culture. Theatre for children and young people, that plays an important part in raising new generations of creative, responsible and self-aware citizens in every society, proclaims these very values so vulnerable nowadays. Therefore, now is the high time for solidarity, engagement/inclusion and togetherness that we as artists and culture workers advocate in our work to be demonstrated in practice as well.

Support for young generations is support for all who come, for those we make our plays for but also for young artists who are to continue our mission of developing and furthering the art of theatre and its impact on society. In circumstances of global belt-tightening and marginalisation of arts and culture, association ASSITEJ does not relent in its work. We must remain resolute and strong in our intent to secure mobility for new generations of artists and creative individuals and make it possible for them to find new reaches of theatre themselves, through togetherness, wealth of cultures, ideas, experiences and visions. We therefore invite you to join our Auction, as donors or buyers, and demonstrate through your own example that we are consistent in honouring values and ideas we advocate. Together, let’s encourage young generations to do the same for those that will come after them.

All the proceeds go to the Next Generation Residency and Placement Program, ASSITEJ professional development program for young and emerging artists.

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