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We would like to inform ASSITEJ members that May 20th 2017 is the last possible date for paying the annual fee before the Congress, since the accounts for the period 2014-2017 to be presented to the delegates will be closed on that date. For this reason, the payments received after May 20th can compromise your participation in the Congress, and will be accounted for in the period 2017-2020.

Furthermore, the Executive Committee has decided that it is possible to pay the annual fee for 2017 in cash, the overdue fees and/or the fees paid in advance before the Congress, by following this procedure:

a) Those who are willing to pay cash should inform the Treasurer before May 10th; the Treasurer will prepare the provisional receipts and a list of the payments to be received. If the Treasurer is not informed by May 10th, the payment won’t be accepted.

b) In order to ensure transparency and safety, it will be possible to pay cash only before and on May 20th at the registration desk for the Congress (City Hall, Cape Town), starting from May 16th 2017 during opening hours. This way, the fees will be collected by ASSITEJ South Africa, which will proceed to transfer the whole amount to the ASSITEJ International bank account.

c) It is possible to pay both in EUR and in USD (rate 1 to 1). The equivalent amount in Rand is accepted (rate fixed and rounded).

d) No other cash payment will be accepted (unless it is impossible to do otherwise and there is a previous agreement with the Treasurer).

e) The registration desk will release a provisional receipt. After the Congress, the Treasurer will issue the regular numbered receipts.

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