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As part of ASSITEJ India’s 3rd International TYA Festival “Tifli”, The Next Generation Residency will continue. Young and emerging artists and practitioners from the field of theatre for young audiences, artists who create work with adults for children, are welcome to apply. Applications are open now until October 20th 2016 for 15 available places!

The Next Generation project stands for   –

  • Cultural exchange and global dialogue
  • Freedom of expression and creative expression
  • The rights of children and young people
  • Peace

The Next Generation practices these ideals through the making of world-class art. For, by and with young people.

The Next Generation recognise the need to include art made with young people, as a part of the theatre for young people landscape.

The program is open to young and emerging artists from any country, interested in the practice of theatre for young audiences and international collaboration. Young and emerging is not age restrictive: it is dependent on an acknowledgement of being at a developing stage of career with a focus on younger professionals. It also relates to new thinking in theatre for young audiences.

Participating individuals should be working professionals with a background or interest in children’s theatre and work for young audiences. Next Generation is a unique opportunity for young and emerging artists to exchange their experiences, to discuss diverse artistic approaches and attend master classes. 15 places are available and applications are invited from all countries. The working language is English.

The project will involve the following key activities:

  1. A programme of festival performances to be attended by the group
  1. A programme of forums, discussions and master-classes
  1. A small presentation of the results at the end of the festival/meeting depending on how the group’s work develops through their schedule.

The programme will give participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in ASSITEJ India’s “Tifli” Festival while creating strong, meaningful connections with artists around the world. Participants will be supported by the ASSITEJ India’s “Tifli” Festival through free tickets to the shows, local travel (to performance venues and as per requirement of the project), accommodation and meals throughout the festival. Please note that participants need to provide their own airfare/travel to attend the Festival. Indian participants will also get travel support of AC III tier train (Concessional rates).

The national centers of ASSITEJ are responsible for suggesting candidates. Applications are only accepted via the national centers. Participants from countries that do not have ASSITEJ national centers can apply directly. In case of further questions please ask your local ASSITEJ representative. One center can suggest as many candidates as they wish.

You can mail your queries to Aditee Biswas at

Download Application Form HERE

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