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Trento 6-9 October 2016

Teatro Sociale • Teatro Cuminetti • Teatro Sanbapolis


Going beyond words to learn to dialogue through the body and its expressions, through performances, workshops and opportunities for training and exchanging views.

For the first time in Italy, a Festival is dedicated to Dance as a communication tool to reach the world of children and young people.


Ten performances of Italian and foreign companies: Collettivo Cinetico, Performing Group (Germany), Manifatture Teatrali Milanesi, fABULEUS and NBproject (Belgium), Compagnia Teatro di Piazza d’Occasione, Arch8 (Holland), Transadriatica, Abbondanza e Bertoni, Silke Fluegge (Austria), Tardito-Rendina.


For further information about timetables, locations, organization of performances, workshops, meetings and much more, please visit our website at:


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